Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bio Energy Water Systems Supplier In Malaysia

Alkaline Energy Water Systems

NEW Korea Technology

6Filter Alkaline Bio&Energy UV Filter System
Ideal for Domestic /Restaurant Easy and fast Installation
Color: Black, Silver, Black with Silver

Filter A: 10”Ceramic Cartridge.
0.3 Micron Ceramic Filter, Consist of highly compressed ceramic diatom and stop the propagation of bacteria, germs and viruses and dirt.

Filter B: Pre Carbon Cartridge
Made of high purity activated charcoal with superior porous removes organic chemical substance including remaining chlorine contents in the water and assist the function of membrane as well as increasing lifespan.

Filter C:  Carbon Block
Self sterilized function able to reduce the residue of chlorine, improve taste, odor and color, removes insecticide, synthetic detergents and dissolved organic contamination.
Filter D:  ORP Bio-Energy
The water treated with bio-ceramic is rich in ionic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. In which would break water into smaller molecule clusters and improve body metabolize, increase body resistant as well. At the same time increasing dissolved oxygen content in the water for our body need. Finally KDF 55 was designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. Recommend replacement 2 ½ years or within 20,000 liters whichever come first.
Filter E:  Sediment
for use in reverse osmosis drinking water and ultra filtration system as a pre or sediment filter
Filter F: Ultraviolet Lamp
There are many ways to sterilize surfaces and materials to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. One way is through the use of ultraviolet, or UV, radiation---also called UV light. UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and should not be confused with nuclear radiation. UV light is used in laboratory flow hoods and in water and air purification systems, to eliminate or reduce microbial

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